Fall Food: Pumpkin Scones

What better way to celebrate Fall than with freshly baked pumpkin scones? I baked an alternative version using whole wheat flour, and almond milk instead of regular milk. Even without icing, these are flavourful scones, and your home will end up smelling like mine; cinnamon pumpkin goodness! Mmmmmm...email me for the recipe!


  1. Ugh this made me crave for any scones! I love scones with cream cheese and orange jam with a nice cup of english tea.. Hmmm!!!

  2. Oooo this looks so good! I've just followed you as well. Love your blog!

  3. Justina!! How I have missed you, sweet girl! Your blog looks amazing and it is so refreshing to see that you are still about and posting :).
    I hope you are doing well and it is a pleasure to be reading your posts again.

    P.S. The scones look and sound divine!!


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