Good food, Good Wine, Great Friend

 Last Saturday, I spent the day with my best friend Tiffany. I was having a difficult week and needed an emotional detox so we ended up doing something extremely therapeutic; we cooked together. 

       Food to me now means more than just a way to sustain your life, it's also a lifestyle choice. When I was in California this past summer, Chasen (my boyfriend), Ali, Gavin and I were heading home after a day of climbing and stopped by Inn-n-Out to grab some burgers...(I feel the need to explain myself here...but anyways,) Gavin asked Ali if he was vegetarian because of religious reasons and Ali replied with a "no," so Gavin asked, "do you have to?" This time his response was firm and clear, "yes."

       Though he probably doesn't know this, Ali's response still continues to inspire me whenever I need to make a decision about my food. He does not believe in eating meat, therefore he has to avoid it. Now, whenever I have meat cravings, I ask myself, "do you believe in this?" I have grown stronger and stronger in resisting temptation and recently have been able to say "no" easier, giving me the power to put the food that I want on my own plate.

So what was on our plates that evening?


Brussel Sprouts

Red peppers

& Potatoes

Buon appetito!

And for dessert we have macarons made by Tiffany herself!


  1. such a great idea to cook together

  2. you two are so cute! i wish i could have came over to eat. this looks like a vegetarian's heaven :)

    what an interesting concept- i might have to use it for dessert ;)


  3. Sounds like a fun day you guys just had!

  4. pretty girls!
    yuumm, macaroons are one of my favorite sweets(:

  5. Getting together with a friend to cook sounds like fun! Must make one appreciate the meal that much more afterwards...

    I'm afraid I like meat too much to ever be a vegetarian! That and there are too many vegetables I definitely don't like! :p


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