If the Library was a Country, then I'd be an Expat

I used to read, a lot.

I loved reading so much that I would finish a novel in less than two days time...then again I didn't eat much...or leave the house often. In fact, when I was in grade five I actually got in trouble for reading in class. 

Hooray for Scholastic! << anyone remember those?

Now that I am holding two part-time jobs and a full-time school course load, I have discovered that time for enjoying a good novel is practically non-existent. I have also (to my dismay) discovered that eating and socializing is a necessity for balancing the love/hate triangle that is: school, work, and getting drunk good times. 

And so, after swimming through that pile of dusty, unread, lonely little books, I have chosen my read for the week. 

"Empress" by Shan Sa...because going back to my Chinese roots and reading about how China could so have a female emperor would fulfill my Chinese status...that is if reading a fiction book could do that....

Also, why does the cover make her look like the girl in the Grudge? 

(c) Justina Lee


  1. I'm a bookworm too! I go through phases where life won't let me read, then things turn around and I've devoured several books without realising it! :p
    Public transportation is wonderful for finding reading time... ;o)

    Enjoy your book!

  2. OMG! Scholastic! I used to beg my mom to let me order at least one book from there when we got the brochures from school ... I too find that I don't have time to read anymore :/ must change that soon!

  3. Love the title of this post! I use to love to read as a kid too. Now time is a valuable asset and there's not enough of it!

  4. Thanks for the tip! Looks like a good book to read:)


  5. Same thing goes for me , though I'm having exams all way long this month but I just finished reading Storm Glass by Maria V. A bit sneak peak was needed ;)
    Lol , I usually read a novel in class but very trickly!
    Such a lovely blog you've , I'm following you :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place


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