This moment

I experienced an hour of fear and excitement yesterday, when my mind was focused solely on one thing: Getting down.

My friend and I hiked up the Grouse Grind, a popular training excersise hike for many Vancouverites, and after a while we decided to hike back down on another trail instead of taking the gondola down. An hour into the hike, the sun began to set. The lower we hiked, the darker it got and the slower we went. Well the slower I went, he moves fast ha ha. After 1 hour and a half, it still felt like we had a lot to go. By then, we already lost most of the sunlight. In my mind, I had the scenario playing in my head of park rangers coming to rescue us. Thankfully, he had brought a small flashlight that helped a ton. I didn't panic but I was worried. He was very calm though which gave me a sense of peace and I ended up trusting him. I was glad I had him with me. He definitely is a lot more experienced when it comes to the outdoors and he which way to go, even in the dark. I would have gotten lost if I were alone. I really did wish I brought my swiss army knife though. So it's true how anything can happen unexpectedly when your in the outdoors. It's crucial be to prepared for any situation.

Take my experience as an example! I'm just glad I got home safe.


  1. Oh yeah, the dark outdoors can be SCAR-EEE! Glad you made it out alive! :)

  2. I've always wanted to do that!! being from the west coast I need to slap myself on the wrist for ever doing that before I left for the east haha. good thing you got back safe!!

  3. WoW! what an adventure... :)

  4. Yikes! Something similar happened to me on a hike in Tasmania... it took me 2h longer than "advertised" to do a hike because I simply took my time taking photos of birds and other animals, then beachcombing... and by the time I realised the lateness of the hour the sun was setting FAST! Since then I've never gone hiking without a flashlight in my backpack!


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