6 Things from 6 Months at Disney >> AUGUST

6 Things I've learned from 6 Months at Disney


Accepting Change // Becoming Stronger


Two months have gone by and while I've had my moments, I have also experienced lows like never before, and more frequently than ever. Because of these lows, I have been overcome by homesickness; overwhelmed and desperate for the comfort of "normalcy" in Vancouver, whatever that may mean. On those darker days, the only reason why I had still been around was because of the amazing people who I have gotten to know and love. 

It was here that I ended up closing a chapter of my life which sent me spiraling uncontrollably. And now my emotions have become an utter mess. I have never been so confused about myself before. Not being in control of your emotions is one of the scariest things I've ever had to endure, and when it gets to the point where you drive yourself to nausea, you know it's time to end the suffering.

Tonight, after an exhausting wrestle with my chaotic mind, I finally let go all of my inhibitions over Skype to my family....and boy did I get hysterical! But the conversation allowed me a more sound mind and gave me access to more grounded thoughts. I was reminded of my purpose here at Disney and was reminded of my own value. At the end, my mom left me with these important words,

"No one can take away your knowledge and education, it belongs to you forever, but your lover can take away your love.  You are the only one who can control your soul, your spirit, you can choose what is right and wrong.  The choice is yours." 


To my coworkers, the ones who cared and opened up to me, sharing me their own stories when you didn't have to; you all have been so kind and I am so thankful to have met you all. I have been extremely vulnerable and when I sought for help, you all were there. Just to be there, to hug me and to tell me that everything was okay even though there was no solution, was something that I needed. 

To my mom, grandmother, sister, aunt, and my two best friends, who are truly some of the strongest women I have been fortunate enough to know; thank you for being my fundamental support system. You all didn't hesitate to tell me the brutal truth, and I appreciate it infinitely. It was harsh but it was necessary. I learned tonight that the truth (like life) is never really good nor bad; it does not have any intents on it's own, it is simply the truth.  After this whole ordeal, I have only realized more how strong women are, and it makes me  proud to be one and to know the six of you so dearly.

And finally, to my dad; the one man who I know for certain I will have an unwavering, and undying love for. You have given me so much and have taught me so much about being a strong independent woman. You inspire me to chase my passions but with a sensible mind. You inspire me to walk alone when I need to and you have taught me so much through your hardships.

 I think I have finally regained some balance.

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  1. Those ups and downs are certainly difficult to deal with, especially when you feel like your support system is far away. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out for you and that you come out stronger in the end. Keep your chin up and just keep swimming!

    1. Rooth, you are so sweet. Thank you so much. It's gotten to the point that I'm happy that this happened. That I'll be stronger now. Thank you for your words. They really touched me.

  2. Hey lovely! Was trying to find your twitter name to tag you in your Operation Beautiful feature but the link wasn't working :( Here it is! http://www.whisperingsweetly.com/2013/09/operation-beautiful-v17.html

    1. Thank you so much Shane! I am honoured!


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