A Forest Symphony

There are some beautiful evergreen trees in my campus. Class ends early, and upon walking out of the building, I am swept by a cool breeze and bathed by the warmth of a spring sun.

It is different today. I hear something, something beautiful, and I wonder,
'Is it the ocean?'
'No, the closest distance to any shoreline is five kilometers.'
I look up. 'There, the wind and the tall trees swaying, they are singing.'
I listen close. The trees sing a song, "Stop. Listen. Breathe. Look at us, we are beautiful."
It is a forest symphony.

I stopped, I listened, I breathed, and I drank up all that I could. This is Nature's therapy and she soothed me to my bones, but I look down, and see that no one else has stopped.
I continue on my way. 'The trees will continue to sing, because some day, people will learn to listen.'


  1. So lovely, I like the idea of a forest symphony. It's right when we stop to listen, to look around we can hear the song of nature.
    Wonderful post, hope all is well with you Justina!

  2. lovely picture, when I go back home to the west coast I love to take a hike and just smell the trees!

  3. love the pic! it reminds me of the north shore and all the fresh green smells of the woods on a hike

  4. Love the picture, I don't have trees like that over here! :)

  5. I can also hear the trees when I walk pass them in the park close to my work place. But they are not as majestic as the ones you have there. Nice writing too. :)

  6. A compelling argument for not listening to music 24/7 while looking down at a smart phone.

  7. Oh one of my favorite posts ever! So beautifully written and because I adore trees...that sound you are talking about gets me too. we have some tall Aspens in Minnesota up north and there is a forest of them and you can stand in the middle amongst them and here the clattering you are talking about and it's just simply breathtaking so soothing really...
    I love your last sentence too, oh so true isn't it?! How beautiful that you could see and hear such beauty...

  8. I love the sound of the wind through the trees! They seem to be talking to each other...


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