Neat and Cool // Climbing Trip

Yesterday we went on a day trip to Squamish, BC for some good ol' climbing. It's been a long time since I've climbed outdoors and it felt amazing! 


I'm not a very strong rock climber, and I know it, but I'm trying hard to change that. The climb that I'm on is called "Neat and Cool" and is graded at 10a. Unfortunately I couldn't finish it, but I hope that the next time I'll send it! Climbing is such a humbling sport, and it's one of the reasons why I love going back.

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  1. You are a super strong rock climber! and you will definitely send N&C next trip!

  2. I'd love to rock climbing like this some day!!! Looks absolutely amazing!

  3. This looks so fun and terrifying at the same time! It's amazing to see what the body is capable of doing.

  4. Great post dear:)
    Love reading your blog!

  5. Hey :)
    Your blog is really great-i love it so much. Maybe you're interested in following each other ? I follow you via GFC+.


  6. Girl, I admire your courage (and upper body strength since I have none lol)! I am sooo scared of heights! Hope you keep working on your skills and are able to finish the climb next time around!


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