Dutch guys simulating child-birth - Hilarious!

Some day, I want to have a child of my own, but I am deathly afraid of doing so. What is with all my fear posts lately anyway? But the reason I am writing this is because I just watched this hilarious video and really wanted to share it with you all :-)

Honestly I find this so funny and part of me really wants all the husbands out there to go through this, (yes I'm really mean,) but at the same time it's hard to laugh because I know I'll have to do it eventually...but really?! Two hours of it?! And some women go through 8 hours of labour...oh my gosh.

Enjoy! ;-)


  1. I saw that video last week. Hilarious!! I agree, every man should be required to experience labor pains! I remember when I was in labor and it hurt like a mofo and I kept saying to my husband..'I am NOT doing this ever again. I'm fine with having one child.'

    And here I am two years later, wishing I was pregnant again/waiting to get pregnant again, so I can experience it all over!

  2. I am also deathly scared of the whole childbirth thing... oh yeah and the 'raising the child' part afterward

  3. Hahaha, kuddos to these guys for being so brave. I'm definitely scared of the whole pain aspect, and this isn't calming my fears, haha!


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