Beautiful wasteland

I am scared, scared to death that we’re slowly losing this. Losing all of this. Losing everything that we have now. Say it to yourself, tell yourself that if we keep living the way we live, there will be no more trees, no more animals, no more green. Let it sink in, and when you realize it, you’ll know that it is just horrific.
How can the human race do this? How can each and every one of us sitting at home contribute, without fully understanding the consequences? I know it’s not as simple as dropping everything and running back into the forests, and I know that we need to work, to commute, to make money, to feed the mouths of our family. But this is my question;
There is no doubt that the ice is melting, and there is no doubt that the deserts are heating up. And maybe it`s not all our fault. Maybe the sun truly is getting hotter by the minute and that earth will inevitably burn up, but why must we be ignorant and convince ourselves that it is the case, when the only excuse is because we are lazy.
How did we get here…to a place where we’re stuck, and it’s just too difficult if not impossible to turn back? Do you still call this freedom?


  1. Such truth. I love being out in nature, walking the path at the lake, sitting in the park, and walking the beaches. Even the smallest things that could help people don't do. The most common - litter - people will throw their trash in the woods, outside their car doors at the park or drive ins rather than leaving it in their car till they get home and tossing it in the trash can on the way in the house. Like I said, a small thing but if people can't tackle small tasks how will they tackle the big ones. We are borrowing our earth from our children and grandchildren and so on... why can we not protect it. Great post Justina as always.

  2. This is why I think education is such an important thing! Particularly in primary school where you can have an impact on children at an emotional level. If we can get them to understand how fragile and beautiful our world is, perhaps they won't be as willing to throw it all away when they're in charge?

    I think part of the problem is that SO MANY people live in cities, with absolutely no contact with nature, they no longer realise how dependant we are on the environment to be able to actually survive on this planet! :o(


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