What are you waiting for? 2014: The Year of Surprises

After spending six months with strangers that have become like family, and after going through some trials and tribulations (that honestly at one point seemed like a round-trip ticket to hell,) I can solemnly say that this year will be a good one. It is thanks to this internship that my perspective in life has become more rich and vibrant.

Blizzard Bash -Disney College Program

Traveling truly is an educational experience comparable to none. You learn about people, cultures, and languages through first-hand encounters; you learn about the kindness and cruelty that humankind is capable of, either through observation or participation; and you learn about your own courage that perhaps you didn't know even existed. As a result, this type of learning is much more rewarding, but it is also much less forgiving. If you miss something while traveling, you will learn very quickly that second chances do not always come knocking.

During this time, I did not "find" myself. If anything, I "found" that I really didn't know myself at all. Yet that realization in itself became an enlightenment, and from there I began to relearn who I was. It was as if parts of me were being erased, and I was given the power to rewrite them.

The 10 second countdown on new years eve did nothing to prepare me for the coming of the new year. 2013 had suddenly vanished and all that remained had become a memory. But when 2014 snaked its way in, I greeted it with open arms. Another year of flash-by opportunities. I am expecting nothing less of this year than for it to be a year of surprises, yet just the same I am not anticipating it to be an easy one.

These are my resolutions for the year...you know, to make life a little bit more interesting ;) I've kept it short and sweet because all others are simply on the to-do list

Resolutions *2014 Edition*

  • Become fluent in Spanish by May
  • Become a v6 climber
  • Climb 5.10s on lead outdoors


  1. Sounds like your internship was an eye opener for you with regard to life. You discovered so many things about yourself that you didn't even know. Worth the experience. Hoping the best for you in the new year!

    1. It really was such a great experience and I learned so much! I hope you all the best as well :)


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