Second place!! First Comp in the good ol' USA

On November 23rd, I competed in the local American Bouldering Series (ABS) comp in Orlando and placed 2nd in the women's intermediate division. They named 4th...and when I heard the name of the woman in 3rd place, I thought to myself "I'm not going to place," so when they called my name for 2nd place, my hand went straight over my open mouth. I know I'm a competitive person to begin with but the atmosphere was not competitive at all, in fact we all helped each other out. There was such positive energy in the gym and I'm proud to have been a part of it. And even though I didn't get first place, I am more than happy with second. I gave it my best, and that is what matters most. My first competition was in the USA, and certainly not my last. Cant wait to head back out to the West Coast!! See you soon Vancouver.
T-24. Let's finish this off, "real gooood."

Climb on!!

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