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6 Things I've learned from 6 Months at Disney

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Thankful on Thanksgiving


Unfortunately I've had to mash two months worth of experiences into one post, but since October is the month of thanksgiving in Canada and November is the month of thanksgiving in the USA, what better way to share it all than to dedicate this post to being thankful?

Thanksgiving dinner with the Spanish at Chatham Square, Lake Buena Vista, FL. (November 2013)
These past two months I have learned so much, especially being around people of all personalities. The saying that there are all kinds of people out there is very true. Meeting these people has made me realize the importance of integrity; that you always have the choice to disassociate yourself from others who simply have none and that it is not healthy to be around people that have no credibility.

However, I have learned that each and every encounter with another person lies an opportunity for growth. Even the encounters that hurt, hide a valuable lesson. I know now that I won't grow if I keep a bad taste in my mouth from previous experiences. I have surprised myself with my ability to stand firm in what I believe in, and will continue to do so after this chapter comes to an end. 

After all, a great lady that I've met here once looked me in the eye and said to me (with her beautiful smile,) that there will be better nights to come! (Keyma! I'll never forget you. You showed me so much that night.)

Next month will fly by fast with the cruise to the Bahamas being only 2 weeks away. As I am nearing the end of my 6 month internship in the USA, I have developed conflicted feelings about leaving. While I am incredibly saddened at the thought of leaving the life that I share with new-found friends, I am overwhelmed with the sensation that I'll soon be returning to Vancouver, where there are so many people, experiences and opportunities waiting for me. But through it all, I am thankful that I can say that I have no regrets, and that I look forward to what awaits for me back home. 

Let's sail away.
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  1. It sounds like you met some wonderful people - hopefully friends for life!


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