Grouse Grinded!

Whether you are a local or a visitor, Grouse Mountain is one of the most popular attractions in Vancouver. And if you're looking for a real challenge, then look no further than the Grouse GRIND....also known as a steep ass hike...also known as nature's stairmaster....also known as hell...okay now I'm exaggerating.

Since Chasen's never been on the Grouse Grind, I thought I'd surprise him with an intense hike and see how much I can intimidate him..well..turned out I started wheezing before we even hit the 1/4 mark, sad I know, and he ended up waiting for me every 5 minutes to catch up...should have seen that coming. Even as a "local", it kicked my butt, hard. I don't think I realized how awful my cardio was till today, but it certainly was a humbling experience.

 Once we got to the top, it was like "HALLELUJAH." We also finished slightly under the average time! We are hoping to get it done sooner the next time we go. 

And the best part was, we made it just in time for the Lumberjack Show!  (And for those who know what I'm talking about, Prince Harry was not there.)

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  1. Oh my, well the view up there certainly looks beautiful and, dare I say, worth it

  2. I did that twice! The first time a few friends decided to surprise me with a trip there soooo little did I know that we were doing the grind, I ended up wearing flats, black skinny jeans and a sweater.. in the summer time.. yeah. The second time around I was more prepared for it and finished the grind in 46 minutes! :D

    1. NICE! I dont know if I can do it in 46 minutes, that is intense girl!!

  3. lol! It's terrible when you're climbing up something that steep and realise your cardio level isn't up to snuff! :p

    We actually have a hike INTO hell here in Alicante! Hell's Canyon it's called, but there are actually three canyons (or ravines) you have to climb down into and back out of during the circular hike. You get to walk down and up 6400+ steps!!! Very tiring but definitely worth it!

    As was this hike! Wow those are fabulous views from up top!!! And a lumberjack show? FUN! :o)

    1. Oh MY gosh, you must be fit as hell! (oops excuse the bad pun) Maybe one day I'll be able to do something like that, 6400 steps is a little out of my range right now HAHA Glad you did it though! Sounds amazing!

    2. Not really, I had to huff and puff my way up out of those canyons... and take quite a few "photo breaks to enjoy the view" (a.k.a. catch my breath!) :p

      But it definitely IS an amazing place! I've actually done it twice! :p

      On a completely different subject: Happy World Oceans Day! We're having a blogging marathon at my place to celebrate... why don't you stop by? ;o)

      Oceanic Blog-A-Thon 2013


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