Baby Justina: Mini me!

And by mini me, I don't mean my non-existent child. I mean, me in my mini days!

Happy Friday!

Yep that was me with the pink overalls and hipster heart sunglasses, staring at my sister's butt.  I was just too cool for school....

And honestly, I don't know what I was even thinking...probably something like, "dang I wish I could do that!". But I was a wuss back then. Apparently whenever I would get a little scrape on my knee, I would actually limp around and tell everyone how painful it was.....yep, that was me alright.

HAHA oh and clearly those sunglasses were too big for me.


  1. Born to be fabulous! Awwww, soo cute! I love the pink overalls! Way too cool for school.


  2. haha soooo cute! So fashionable!


  3. Hah! You had a full head of hair - I think my hair was still very wispy at that age


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