What happens in Brussels, STAYS in Brussels!

(Photo credit: Nomadic Pursuits)

That's what we told ourselves last night while Solene (my frenchie) and I shared drinks and laughs at the famous bar Little Delirium.

Yesterday was like a wild goose chase between me and Solene. She arrived by train and I arrive by plane and we were to meet at Little Delirium, but couldn't find each other. Neither of us had a working phone so it was near impossible. Turns out there were 3 Little Deliriums and we were just at different ones. Good thing we agreed to meet at 3pm at the hostel if we couldn't find each other.

Last night however, was a top notch night, and we knew it from the moment we were invited to a home-cooked meal. I mean, how often can you enjoy a dinner cooked in the kitchen of a hostel, with a Malaysian, Singaporean, British, and Australian? (Don't say 'often'.)

By night, we went to the club with some cool French guys we met on the street. And after some dancing we ended up chatting with one of the guys who is a young father to two little girls. He ended up sharing his thoughts about becoming strong women, and giving us insight, and it was absolutely phenomenal, not because of what was said, but because he did. And aside from burning myself with a cigerette butt, it was a a crazy, awesome night!




  1. That sounds like a delicious evening! I was just talking to a father of two little girls on Sunday, and they really do have great insight...it's funny that they seem to understand us more than a female. Or at least they understand a part of us that we can't see on our own.


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