Newport and Pirate's Cove

I love that name, Pirate's Cove....that's where we went yesterday after paddle boarding in Newport.

Yesterday was my first time on a paddle board. It was a blast, especially since it was a 10 person paddle board.

The day started early and the weather turned out to be beautiful, though there were a bit of clouds here and there. It was the only day where most of us were free so we could only make it out that day.

As soon as we got onto the board, it didn't take long for us to realize that it wasn't so much balance as it was coordination. 

Halfway out, we convinced our "Captain" to land on this little island for exploration. We dubbed it "Treasure Island".....but there was no treasure, just a small dead crab....

One of our friends was really paranoid about falling into the water so as we were paddling back to shore, Chasen pushed him in. But he accidentally knocked ALL of us into the water in the process...and I SWEAR I saw myself fall into the water in slow motion.

After paddle boarding and lunch, we headed to the gorgeous Pirate's Cove for some climbing. I chickened out on one of the higher ones because I was so sketched out, so the rest of the day I decided to take it easy on the climbs lower to the ground. My boyfriend continues to inspire me with his climbing....

My boyfriend continues to inspire me with his climbing.

(c) photos courtesy of Noriko N.


  1. Woah girl , it must be adventurous adventure :)

  2. oh wow that looks so much fun and such an exercise on your whole body! love it!

  3. SUP is so much fun! I almost fell in the last time I went - I still don't see how people do yoga on those boards!

    1. I don't get it either! They must get their zen on! haha


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