A solitary bike ride and a nice surprise

The west dyke trail that surrounds Richmond, BC is a beautiful trail for joggers, dog owners, and cyclists alike. I was biking back home on this trail when I was pleasantly surprised.

Cows! Miniature cows! They were a very good looking bunch. The 'Natural Beef for Sale' definitely left something to be desired. I guess if you're going to eat meat, you should do it right.

{ Photos © Justina Lee }


  1. Oh yeah! I remember this place with the cows! I've passed by it many a time on bike rides and walks. I think it's kind of neat to have cows in that neighbourhood. Lots of birds to see too. I saw eagles and herons last time!

  2. How big are the miniature cows?

  3. They weren't really 'miniature' but gave me that feeling due to their short, stout and 'beefy' (excuse the pun) physique.

  4. Wow, as a lover of a good running trail - this looks like one trail I would love to run on! Too bad I'm way down South in Georgia.
    This is such a great blog, I will be looking forward to your new posts!

  5. How funny! Lovely photos by the way. Take care.


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