Palm Springs, CA

Bouldering in Palm Springs, CA was an experience I'll never forget.

Taking the tram up, we got to experience the beauty of Palm springs. Though not as green as Vancouver, I was never-the-less impressed.

Working on a difficult roof problem.

Had a little trouble getting off the ground...


{ Photos © Justina Lee }


  1. Justina thank you for stopping by my blog! I am so glad that you enjoyed the features this week. Palm Springs is beautiful! I am so jealous! ;)


  2. great photos.

    I just found your blog, and I really like it. very inspiring!

  3. nice photos and you're so fit! I've gone rock climbing a few times and love it, but get so sore the next day haha

  4. this is intense! very impressive. i would do this if it guaranteed my arms would look like yours! :)

    i got your note about running - you have to find some way to make it fun/enjoyable for yourself! if that means taking some time off and doing other activities that's totally a good enough reason. you could run with an upbeat playlist, you could set small goals even if it's just "run 10 minutes, 4x per week". some people find a goal race motivating - maybe a 5k a month from now?

  5. Your photos are gorgeous! Thanx so much for visiting my blog :) I will soon be moving to a rocky region of Colorado and hope to take up climbing. Your photos and posts have made me even more determined to reach this goal :)

  6. What's bouldering? Is it different from climbing much?


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