The day had finally arrived! I was officially two plane rides away from sunny España. Several weeks of preparation and anticipation had lead up to two precious moments; the moment of saying good bye to family and friends, and the moment of stepping foot onto my third continent.

Waiting to board was a peaceful process; I have never felt more ready to go. It's a funny thing when you realize that your heart doesn't feel at home, at home. That's when you know it's time to get off the couch and just go.

At the Vancouver International Airport

Getting on the plane was smooth sailing.

As I waited for the take off, I looked out the window and was admittedly taken aback by the beautiful blue-tinted mountains off in the distance. The mountains stood so tall and majestic as they towered over our cities. How grand Vancouver really is!

When I was young, I remember taking this city for granted. I thought that other places had more to offer; that they had the culture and history we lacked. I guess you could blame it on the movies I've watched, or the books I've read, or the wonderful travel stories I kept hearing from friends, but more likely it was a combination of all three. Eventually, after a couple of trips abroad, I learned that Vancouver didn't have less to offer, just different things to offer. And what this vibrant town along the beautiful Pacific coast has is nature...incredible, wild nature.

Even though I see that now, the deeply rooted passion in me that craves exploration, seems to be anything but insatiable. There's a feeling that I need to just go, and it's not so much wanting to travel as it is needing it; a feeling so deep in your bones, that the only way to answer it is simply by going.
At London Heathrow

The last flight from Heathrow to Barajas was brief. But having to sit and wait for time to pass when I was so close, made me impatient. I was so, so excited to finally see my friends again. I remember how my mom used to joke (or not...) that when we were little, between my sister and I, I was the annoying one on road trips, asking "are we there yet?" every 10 minutes. I guess not too much has changed since.

When the flight descended and I could finally see Madrid, I felt chills down my spine. Spain has for a long time been on my Day Zero Project, and it is a reality at last. Wow. I'm here.
This is it.

This is what I live for.

This is La Buena Vida.

'Then one day you'll go away, but I will too. But until then, oh my darling friend, well I will hold, yes I will hold on to you.'
-Ingrid Michaelson


  1. Yay for Spain! I'm glad you got there safely - now go and enjoy!

    1. Ugh yes so enjoying it! Thanks Rooth!

  2. How exciting. I can't wait to see your updates! :)


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