Like a plane in the distance.

You don't have to look far to find beauty. However, it is up to us to find the beauty in others, to look past imperfections, and to go beyond our shallow perceptions. There is true beauty in people, and it's not difficult to spot, we just have to try.
There's also another type of beauty. It's everywhere, it's all around us, and it's telling us to pay attention. With all the events occurring around us today, one might wonder where the future of the Earth is heading. When I first heard the news of Fukushima, I was very nervous. I later did a bit of investigating and found reports stating that radiation from Fukushima has been detected in BC. That's when it hit me; things could be taking a for the worse. Maybe, because "it is up to us to find the beauty", that we must apply it in this context. It's up to us to to find the beauty in our planet and to learn how to respect it. Changes have already begun all across the globe, so I know I'm a bit behind on the "green" agenda, but it's not too late to start; not for you, and not for me.

Paving the road

"There's a silver lining to every cloud that sails about the heavens if we could only see it."
- Katty Macane

{ Photos © Justina Lee }


  1. I couldn't agree with you more, Justina. We need to respect the earth rather than abuse it. The people in power haven't learned their lessons yet, and I am afraid they never will.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my thrifty finds. The black dress you chose is my fave of the two also!


  2. the final picture is too gorgeous for words! love it.

  3. Love the pics!

    PS: I contacted you through your blog. Please e-mail me back at Thanks so much! :)


  4. couldn't have said it any better. Really enjoyed this one :)

  5. Justina, it is so true that we are surrounded by beauty and so few people take the time to stop and notice it. Sometimes I think this wonderful planet is wasted on humans!

  6. We do live in a beautiful world:-) I'm so glad more and more people are appreciating that fact. Can't take it for granted! xoxo

  7. It's never too late to start, never!

    The last photo is breathtaking.

  8. Beautiful message, beautiful pictures, Justina. It is true, it IS up to us to find the beauty in others and in nature around us. God certainly did show off when he was making this earth wasn't he??
    When you have a moment, please swing by my blog, my latest post includes you :)

  9. these are really pretty scenery pictures!

  10. The beauty in others are the beauty in ourselves. Every person or organic nature we come into contact with is a mirror image of ourselves.

    They are messengers with something for us to ponder. We shouldn't take no one for granted for we only discount ourselves in the process.

  11. I agree, it's never too late to start! People need to understand that every little bit makes a difference when you consider the cumulative effect of millions of people doing just a "little bit"!


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