Food for thought.

Pain is inevitible, as is hurt. Suffering however, suffering is a state of mind. People have the choice and some choose to suffer daily, likely due to the fact that they have yet to understand that pleasure is not like joy, and that pleasure is temporary. Joy in all its essense is true happiness.


  1. I enjoy your thought process. Everything is a state of mind! It(mental thought/strength) is a wonderful and pwerful thing. Regardless of my cup chooses to be 'half full'.
    Keep well fellow Vancouverite!

  2. Hi Justina!

    Sorry for flooding your inbox with comment-related e-mails just now... So many of your posts are fascinating and it was a real pleasure to read them! So a comment was inevitable! ;o)

    I've landed here via a post in Blogger's Coffee Shop, and it's been delightful exploring your blog! I'm signing up to follow and I look forward to reading more of your stories. You seem to be on an excellent journey, enjoy it! :o)


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